Optimization is a huge part of what we do at Noodle.ai. In a recent report by, 451 Research, authors Nick Patience and Jeremy Korn took a deeper look into the role we play in Enterprise AI®: helping our customers unlock value with their existing data.

Consumer products and manufacturing companies with numerous, linear systems, often find that the volume of data they’re ingesting limits planner’s ability to analyze efficiently, leading to operational waste. According to 451’s Voice of the Enterprise: Data & Analytics 1H 2019 survey, “61% of retailers and manufacturers with data platforms or analytics initiatives reported improved operational efficiency.”

451’s take on this is something we often express; AI and machine learning have great promise to optimize and automate almost every business system, but works best when given access to more specific processes. Our product suites are built around manufacturing and supply chain and are all on our Enterprise AI Platform.

We don’t see our technology replacing your existing systems, rather, they complement your existing system, providing more valuable insight into your business operation. We’ve also partnered with Dell and Intel, to make our Enterprise AI Platform available as an on- or off-premises installation. We use advanced analytics to help enterprise businesses overcome the challenge of unlocking their existing data assets.

Be sure to check out the full 451 Report, here.

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