We were so excited to be able to tell two of our AI for customer impact stories in transportation this March. Working with Transplace and NFI Industries has been a joy. We were especially honored to be able to highlight their successes at the American Trucking Association’s big technology conference and in publications such as the Wall Street Journal and Dallas Business Journal.

Disruption drives innovation

It’s difficult to name an industry that’s undergone as much of a sea change as transportation and distribution. Part of this is due to changing customer expectations from the “Amazon-effect.” Gartner analyst Bart DeMuynk says “The rise in e-commerce has been a key contributor to the overall increase on freight transport, squeezing the already tight capacity of transportation companies. Customer expectations regarding transportation service levels continue to increase in the transportation industry. Free deliveries between two and five days are becoming the standard. Some retailers are starting (and will increase) to offer same-day and next-day delivery services for a fee or even free of charge.” My life bears this out: even I, a hard-core brick and mortar shopper from birth, now receive an express drop shipment of a box of goodies at home from some online retailer every other day! Of the three industries we market to, transportation executives seem the most receptive to the rapid transformation and radical efficiency artificial intelligence can bring.

NFI powers 3PL with AI

NFI, a $2 billion fully-integrated third-party supply chain solutions provider, was experiencing deviating dynamics that drove down its fleet performance. CIO Gerard Darby knew that his rules-based systems could not accurately predict market demand given the complex variables in play today, so he implemented two Noodle.ai applications that will predict fleet health and warehouse labor needs. Gerard says “We’re excited to partner with Noodle.ai. Their cutting-edge applications will serve as the backbone for NFI’s enterprise AI initiatives to bring even greater efficiency to our customers’ supply chains.” Read the whole story on Noodle.ai and in the Wall Street Journal.

Transplace drives efficiencies with machine learning

Transplace, the leading provider of transportation management and logistics technology, faced high variability and needed to lower costs. CEO Frank McGuigan knew he needed to transcend rules-based approaches to capture dynamic market signals to predict demand more accurately. Noodle.ai’s demand signal application allows for smart planning of continuous moves, saving the business up to $15 million by avoiding spot-market rates and more. Frank says “Transplace is committed to be a technology leader – not just in developing innovative logistics solutions, but in the technology, we incorporate into our business.” Read this story on Noodle.ai or in the Dallas Business Journal.

Taking Noodle.ai’s show on the road at TMC Connect

You won’t see Noodle.ai teams at FUD-filled AI industry conferences, focused on the latest in kitten photo recognition and chatbots. Instead, we focus on attending events where our customers are. We want to learn more about the pain points they face and see how our breed of Enterprise AI® can help them solve their problems and meet their real business KPIs.

Noodle.ai team at TMC Connect

One such event is TMC Connect. Every year, the tech leaders in the trucking industry gather at the American Trucking Association’s Technology and Maintenance Council event, where they scope out new technologies. This year, Noodle.ai sent a contingent ready to meet, greet, and demo. We enjoyed meeting so many people who’d heard directly or by word of mouth about “the startup that could reduce empty miles, predict demand, manage labor and avoid spot market costs” with our AI applications.

We “heart” our customers and make them the center of everything we do: how we build product, go-to-market, sell, and support. How can we help you use disruption to your advantage with AI in your industry?

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