Clorox made a big splash this month when it decided to wipe the slate clean with its sustainability efforts. We believe in creating a world without waste, so we can definitely get on board with a strong effort like this. Clorox went beyond simple greenwashing when it tied its executive pay to the success of several sustainability choices, all happening under the umbrella of a strategy called IGNITE.

In addition to compensation incentives, Clorox also plans to move to 100% recyclable, compostable, or reusable packaging within 6 years, lower the amount of virgin plastic it uses by 50% within 11 years, and reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

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One of the extra benefits to working with us, aside from increased revenue, is the amount of CO2 that can be removed from the air just by using machine learning in smart ways. One global cosmetics customer has seen a global impact from working with us, removing as much as 40,000 tons of CO2 just by utilizing our supply chain AI to lower air expedites and reduce inventory.

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image via CNBC