It’s more important than ever to be aware of the negative impact inefficiency from transportation, manufacturing and distribution have on the environment. As they say, “There’s an app for that.” Our Energy Conservation AI app, which is designed to reduce production costs, as well as predict and optimize energy use during the manufacturing process.

How can an AI app focused on energy consumption help mitigate your business’s carbon footprint?

Our ECAI app works by taking energy consumption and pricing data, process parameters equipment information, and production schedules and feeding that data into our proprietary ML models. It then uses these inputs to forecast equipment-based and time-based energy consumption.

What sets ECAI apart from the rest? Proactive risk detection & prioritization to start. We use a real-time energy risk assessment engine to detect and prioritize risks based on production schedule and energy price fluctuations. This app also employs optimized scheduling where it will evaluate forecasted energy pricing to recommend optimal changes in the production schedule. Better yet, implementing this app has shown a 10 – 15%* decrease in energy-related production costs.

Craving more?

Download the ECAI data sheet, view our case study with client Big River Steel, or contact us!



*Benefits shown have been seen by several of our customers, but can not be guaranteed for all customers.