Are you a supply chain professional, looking for a way to make sense of all the noise and clutter in your planning system? You should get to know’s Athena Insights application.

What is Athena Insights?

As part of our Athena Supply Chain AI Suite, Athena Insights enables you to quickly deploy AI to identify demand/supply imbalances, assess their impacts across the network, and take targeted actions at the SKU level. It goes above and beyond existing BI tools to track specific and critical business segments and identify where tactical interventions are required, as well as laying the foundation for more advanced applications.

The best part? You can leverage Athena Insights now. When we say, ‘quickly deploy AI’, we mean it: our data ingestion process has been automated to minimize IT/tech disruptions and complement your existing ERP/Planning suites, providing results in weeks, not months or years.

Who is it for?

Athena Insights is designed for the executive who is looking to:

  • understand drivers of risk and opportunities in their supply chains
  • sense macro-level exogenous factors and how they impact customer fulfillment
  • internalize a vast product portfolio in the form of a cohesive, actionable narrative

And… it enables Operational Managers to understand what immediate decisions should be made to improve fulfillments while maximizing operational efficiencies.

How it is different?

The Enterprise Software market is flooded with Business Intelligence (BI) tools and implementations, and only a fraction of these tools attempt to invoke bias towards immediate action. Fewer still are dynamic enough to garner their wisdom from self-learning, sophisticated AI-enabled algorithms.

Athena Insights is a unique application that:

  • Detects and reveals interesting patterns, clusters and key drivers that impact business performance
  • Constantly learns and refines itself by leveraging advanced AI algorithms, enterprise data and external macro-economic signals
  • Seamlessly integrates with the leading enterprise planning and execution systems

How does it work?

Insights ingests pre-defined customer data (including transaction data, master data, plan data, and external data), and lays the groundwork for AI readiness by transforming and mapping the data to the infrastructure. The application analyzes the data by using a range of supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms to understand patterns, relationships, and effects across global networks and product portfolios. This enables Insights to measure demand/supply divergence and apply a rule-based framework from which it recommends planner actions supported by causal insights. Finally, the Insights dashboard succinctly visualizes these recommendations, insights, and other key business metrics, serving as an additional resource within the S&OE process.


Within the current environment of unprecedented supply chain volatility, Insights provides much-needed clarity around critical planning questions:

  • Should further cuts be made in tail items? Should previously cut items be restarted?
  • What SKUs need increased production? What SKUs need deferred production?
  • Where is demand likely to continue exceeding capacity? What actions are needed?
  • Given multiple demand scenarios, what are the likely network inventory levels?

If these are the types of questions that are impacting your organization, let’s talk.