Isn’t it nice when you find a solution some of your biggest problems? We thought so, which is why we developed our Fill Rate AI application. FRAI is designed for enterprise businesses facing significant demand and supply-side variability, affecting their ability to manage their business objectives surrounding fill rate, inventory, and gross margin.

But how does it work?

FRAI takes in data from: ERP and planning systems (like SAP’s APO and IBP), signals from sales data, promotion, marketing and product data, market, weather, and social data. With these AI-driven insights, enterprises gain a clearer perspective into key business drivers, providing the ability to realize significant reductions in lost sales, inventory, and rogue expedites.

With FRAI you will not only be able to identify risks, you will also have end-to-end visibility to see the impact of risks on metrics associated with upstream and downstream functions.

What makes it different from other products on the market?

FRAI uses enhanced scalability and flexibility to rapidly scale SKU coverage and adapt business imperative to fill rate predictions. In addition, we do not attempt to replace your current system. The products we design are meant to be integrated into your existing software. We use data cartridges with pre-built data signals (news, weather, demographics, competitors) to facilitate improved fill rate achievement.

How does this benefit you?

With FRAI, our clients have seen a 25% improvement in lost sales, 35% reduction in expedite costs, and 15 – 25% less inventory holding.

Be sure to check out our datasheet for more information, view our case studies discussing how we help our current clients, then contact us to take your business to the next level with Enterprise AI®.