Starting in the 1980s, groups of MIT students took the casino world by storm. 

They consistently beat the odds at the blackjack tables by using math skills, probability, and a technique called counting cards, along with advanced computer programs continually improved with real-life updates. Over the years, they cumulatively won an estimated $60 million in a setting where the odds are always stacked in favor of “the house.” 


So why am I talking about gambling? 


Because if you have a make-to-stock supply chain, you’re gambling every day, whether you know it or not. The odds are stacked against you, too: The planning tools you depend on, with their simplistic math and deterministic, rules-based approaches, are no match for the volatility of today’s supply chains. 

As a result, you’re forced to make “bad bets” that are costing you real money. You see the problem every day, whether it’s not having the right inventory in the right place to capture sales, or carrying excess inventory that ends up expired or obsolete. 

Maybe you try hedging against these bad bets with safety stock. But that never works out as planned, does it? Safety stock erodes your margins and wreaks havoc on your financials. 


Making better bets in your supply chain 

At, we have a way to help you shift the odds in your favor, so you can recapture much of the profit that’s leaking from your supply chain. 

Like the MIT students, we use math, probability, and advanced computer programs to uncover your planning tools’ blind spots. 



But we also go much further than those MIT card counters could have imagined, harnessing massive compute power and sophisticated AI and machine learning technology. Instead of Vegas casinos, we’re focusing on global supply chain planning. And instead of counting cards, we help you count profits. 

Our Inventory Flow software is an AI-powered system of intelligence purpose-built to supercharge supply chain planning. Inventory Flow doesn’t replace your existing rules-based systems. It sits on top of those systems, adding AI intelligence and using probabilistic math to predict and correct millions of expensive errors in both demand and supply plans. 

These millions of errors, which your rules-based planning systems can’t find, are creating enormous waste: wasted inventory, wasted time, and wasted money. 

Inventory Flow is the first commercially available software that uses probabilistic planning — a next-generation approach that deploys better math — to uncover these waste-generating errors. From there, Inventory Flow uses additional AI technology to correct errors, automatically. 

By harnessing data, math, compute power, and automation at a new scale, delivers outcomes that far exceed the capabilities of current systems. 

For everyone grappling with complex supply chain planning, next-generation probabilistic planning means you’ll be placing better inventory bets — and counting the higher profits that follow. 


If you want to learn more about how’s Inventory Flow and probabilistic planning technology can supercharge your supply chain planning, visit our website or get in touch with one of our experts.