On the heels of being cited in Gartner®’s  The 2021 Supply Chain Technology Themes, there’s more good news for Noodle.ai and the companies with complex supply chains we seek to serve. Gartner has just released its 2021 Hype Cycle for Supply Chain Strategy, and we are one of the few vendors named, this time for artificial intelligence technology, written by Gartner Distinguished VP Analyst Noha Tohamy. The artificial intelligence section is brimming with statements that align with our excitement about #FlowOperations, the breakthrough category of Enterprise AI® software in which we’re the leading provider. Plus, there are two other technologies in this Hype Cycle where the capabilities described are operative in our products, specifically Machine Learning and Supply Chain Control Tower.

The extreme volatility of the 2020-21 pandemic drove supply chain leaders to pursue digital transformation and planning capabilities more advanced than traditional software can provide. Interest levels in advanced technologies like ours skyrocketed. Noodle.ai blossomed in this environment, with 100% of our pandemic-era CPG customers doubling down to buy more as their challenges grew exponentially. I will weave in real-world testimony from our customers as I share highlights of The Gartner® 2021 Hype CycleTM for Supply Chain Strategy.

AI is Transformational
AI is deemed a transformation supply chain technology by Gartner. The digital transformations that so many CPGs have initiated need AI to achieve the breakthroughs in performance they seek.
According to Gartner,

“AI is a prerequisite to supply chain digitization. Unlike traditional decision support, AI combines various data science techniques to analyze large sets of data. AI identifies and predicts patterns and learns from past performance to arrive at conclusions. AI augments human decision-making with actionable recommendations. AI supports the vision of digitalization by automating decisions and execution with little to no human intervention.”

Noodle.ai is uniquely suited to ingest the trillions of data points in a complex supply chain to deliver substantial improvements in fill rate, expedite costs and inventory levels. This capability in #FlowOperations is what we call “Product Flow.”

Noodle.ai customer Reckitt said: “The ability to gather multiple data sources that you need to become intelligent, to shift into predictive mode, to help drive decisions and scenarios – it’s not possible to generate those from a purely human perspective. That efficiency comes from drawing early upon intelligence on the plan side and execution side because by the time the execution hits it’s too late because you’ve missed all the scenarios and variables along the way.”Danielle Maurici-Arnone, Former CIO, North America, Reckitt.

Restoring Team Flow
#FlowOperations also unleashes “Team Flow,” the ability for humans to be relieved of tedious tasks through AI-driven automation so that planners can do work that is more rewarding, engaging, and ultimately, of greater value to the organization. This is echoed in Noha’s summary:

“With increasing complexity, supply chain talent struggles to contextualize events, understand trade-offs and make timely decisions. With AI, organizations can support decision-makers with data-driven insights and recommended actions. With more confidence in AI’s insights and conclusions, companies can further automate decision-making, allowing a more agile and dynamic response. This will, in turn, free up human talent to take on higher value-added responsibilities.”

Noodle.ai customer Kellogg said: “What Noodle does is take our junior planners and turn them into advanced planners at a rapid rate. It gives everyone the insight that a 20-year employee who’s done this a long time has been able to achieve. It’s eye-opening to some of our planners and leads to great adoption.”George Chumakov, VP, Cust. Service & Logistics, Kellogg

Get Started: Bringing Flow to CPG Companies
The urgency and appetite to adopt AI, machine learning, and supply chain control towers for the supply chain is more significant than ever. Here are additional supporting excerpts from The Gartner® 2021 Hype CycleTM for Supply Chain Strategy across the three relevant supply chain technologies:

• “There is emphasis on supply chain agility as organizations cope with significant spikes in demand and supply variability due in response to the pandemic
• There is interest in using AI to augment decision making with better actionable recommendations
• This brings a better articulated vision for automating supply chain decision making, beyond initial use cases like demand forecasting and demand sensing.”
Supply Chain Control Tower
• “Distinguish between foundational capabilities (e.g., visibility, indicators, workflow) and advanced capabilities (e.g., simulation, recommendation, and automation).
• Learn that existing (traditional) offerings serve a limited set of use cases. These often have a lack of intelligence capabilities and do not support E2E supply chain convergence.”
Machine Learning
• “This past year, ML progressed along the curve, as organizations looked to respond and recover from conditions precipitated by the COVID-19 pandemic. With ML, they were able to leverage dynamic data from across the supply chain and business networks and consider external factors to predict future demand and supply trends and plan resources and capacity to meet customer service requirements.”

To all of the above, Noodle.ai says: Right on!

Start small. Learn fast. Scale quickly.
We have products proven in production. 100% of our supply chain customers during the pandemic bought more products after successful starts with Noodle.ai.
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