Are you rolling the dice with your supply chain? With, it’s less about luck and more about making every bet count!

Pioneering an Intelligent System

Over the last seven years, our focus at has been to perfect the amalgamation of artificial intelligence with enterprise solutions. This synthesis birthed what we term a “System of Intelligence.” It’s not just another system; it’s one designed to pinpoint risks within intricate supply chains, eradicate waste, and magnify profits.

We improve supply chain planning and ERP systems by synergizing state-of-the-art data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning techniques. While these systems might signify the old guard’s approach, our goal isn’t to replace but to augment. We’re not just on the frontier of the AI revolution; we’re the bridge between your legacy investments and the decade’s groundbreaking computing and data science innovations.

Bridging the Supply Chain Technology Gap

Peel back the layers of any enterprise’s supply chain tech stack, and you’ll identify a gaping hole.’s tri-tiered architecture seeks to fill this void through:

  1. Prediction: We employ probabilities to foresee both demand and supply fluctuations accurately.
  2. Prioritization: By leveraging precise predictions, we spotlight the high-value areas most susceptible to risk.
  3. Prescription: We recommend actionable steps to mitigate these risks, ensuring your supply chain remains waste-free and profit-rich.

The Betting Analogy: Making Smart Decisions in Uncertain Environments

Consider your supply chain management process as a game of poker. Every decision – from gauging customer demands to determining inventory needs – is a bet against the unpredictable future. Companies often hedge their bets with buffer stock without comprehensively understanding the risks. The question is, “How do I confidently raise the stakes?”

This question was answered in a historical precedent: the MIT blackjack team. They understood when the odds were in their favor by employing a probabilistic system, betting big, and outsmarting the Vegas casinos. Modern supply chains can emulate this model. With our expertise, businesses can place strategic bets where victory is most probable.’s secret sauce lies in dismantling the pitfalls of conventional planning systems: deterministic calculations and oversimplified assumptions. We unveil the hidden demand and supply data patterns by capitalizing on machine learning’s prowess. Integrating these probabilities helps pinpoint potential risks, like stockouts or inflated holding costs.

Our Graph Neural Networks and generative AI methods further fine-tune recommendations for optimized supply chain planning. You get a dynamic, risk-minimized strategy ready for deployment at a scale of millions of simulations.

Tangible Results and the Road Ahead

Illustrative of our capabilities is our partnership with Kellogg’s. Faced with an unstable environment, their legacy systems faltered. Enter By interlacing our sophisticated AI and ML models, we improved Kellogg’s key metrics by over 25%, translating to an annual saving of about $25 million for their North American snacks segment.

At, we’re more than just a service provider; we envision long-term collaborations built on trust and demonstrated results. If our mission resonates with you, let’s embark on this journey together, starting with a Solution Workshop and charting the course to a waste-free future.

Connect with us to explore tailored solutions, delve deeper into our tech prowess, and witness our transformative impact firsthand.