Recently Noodler Spencer Doyle appeared on the Enterprise Management 360 podcast to discuss the many ways Artificial Intelligence is transforming business.

Spencer talked about AI for the supply chain, and the many ways that AI augments human ability and intelligence to help us create a world without waste.


“A lot of people are saying, “Do we have the capabilities now to start? Is this something where just a large organization can do things, like Google, or do you think there’s an entry point for smaller companies like ours to get their foot in the door with things like AI?”

We started Noodle AI to help organizations who may not have been founded in today’s technological day and age, and founded it with the idea that these companies could run their business on a platform of machine learning models that would help make that transition from the old world to the new world. We knew that we needed to provide a platform and a service that would allow data science to move from the back office to a front office application.

For too many years, the art and science of data sat between data scientists sitting on laptops, working on individual projects that weren’t connected with the enterprise, then feeding that information to a small group of executives who would interpret and attempt to operationalize those insights.

We wanted to  build a technology a platform and delivery capability that aligns data science with your organization the same way people have integrated and aligned HR systems and finance systems. We thought, “Why can’t the insight from a machine learning model be used to help hundreds of decision makers make decisions? Why is it just a back office single executive type of experience when the power of it is so profound it should be being used by every decision maker every day that the business is operating?” – Spencer Doyle

Listen to the full podcast on the EM360 website now.

Image by Enterprise Management 360 Tech


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