’s Vulcan Manufacturing Suite is comprised of applications that are relevant across many types of Process Manufacturing businesses and is well-equipped to solve paper manufacturers’ unique challenges.

Our products apply throughout the paper-making process, from full-line plants to container-board mills and specialty plants, addressing the costliest defect types and failure modes to reduce the cost of poor quality and unplanned downtime. Across our customers in the Metals, Chemicals and Consumer Product manufacturing industries, our suite of products is driving 6-8% increases in EBITDA. Given the generalizable and scalable nature of our products, this level of impact is achievable for Pulp and Paper manufacturers as well.

As an example,’s pioneering work applying supercomputing and AI to steel casting and rolling processes can be directly applied to paper manufacturing processes based on the underlying similarities in data, mathematics, failure modes and defect types. The core elements of’s products transfer quite naturally to paper operations:

  1. World-class proprietary Explainable AI (XAI) engines focused on continuous manufacturing processes.
  2. Proven AI-native applications for maintenance and quality management with intuitive UI/UX, robust data models and accelerators.
  3. Fast, scalable and repeatable deployments supported by rapid data engineering & pipelining across L1-L4 OT & IT Data (getting your data AI-Ready) and MLOps (training AI models for your operating context).
  4. Ongoing AI-as-a-Service (AIaaS) with value engines (for value-at-risk and value tracking) to proactively manage deployment ROI-based key operating metrics: cost of poor quality, unplanned downtime, profit per hour, etc.

See the comparability in applying AI to failure modes in Steel vs. Pulp & Paper assets in Figures 1 and 2 below.

Figure 1: One failure mode in a continuous caster contains 40 AI models.


Figure 2: Paper machine (miniaturized for scale); 1 failure mode contains 28 AI models.

Read our full whitepaper for one example of how Pulp & Paper manufacturers can directly leverage’s successful implementation of AI applications in the Metals industry. We’re looking for innovative technology and thought leaders in the Pulp and Paper space to talk about leveraging AI to move your mills toward perfect operations flow. If that sounds like you, let’s talk live. Request a Demo.