Do you ever wish you had a clearer insight into your fleet, giving you and your team the ability to truly optimize its performance? We created our Transportation Network AI application for folks like you; 3PL companies that experience volume fluctuations, capacity constraints, and spot market exposure.

With TNAI you will be able to increase your business’s revenue and operating margin through AI-driven load forecasting, intelligent carrier selection, and dynamic continuous moves. TNAI takes in data from your existing systems of planning and execution, including TMS, forecasting, and external data signals.

These predictive insights allow 3PLs to improve short-and-long-term capacity procurement, construct continuous moves, minimize deadhead and reduce exposure to the spot market.

A key feature of this application is its advanced capacity forecasting that predicts inbound/outbound volume for a region, hub, or customer group along with capacity required to meet the predicted volume. You will also have access to a real-time risk assessment to detect and prioritize capacity-related risks in terms of economic impact and services level.

What sets TNAI apart?

With TNAI, expect large-scale load forecasting that assesses volume and imbalance across the US hub/lane network to uncover rate change and capacity acquisition strategies. Your team will also benefit from a model that is always learning and providing insights on a range of possible outcomes that influence operating decisions.

What are the benefits on TNAI?

With TNAI, expect to see 8-10% reduction in cost-to-serve, up to 20% reduction in deadhead, and 30% reduction in manual operation time.

To learn more download our data sheet, listen to our TNAI webcast replay, or get in touch with us!