In recent years, supply chain systems have faced challenges in fulfilling their promises of waste elimination, profit maximization, and resilience. Traditional planning vendors have struggled to keep up with the rapid advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), leaving many businesses seeking a more effective and efficient solution.

At, we have taken supply chain planning to new heights with our revolutionary “system of intelligence” that harnesses the full potential of AI and machine learning. Our approach goes beyond the limitations of legacy planning systems, enabling businesses to overcome waste and lost sales that have hindered supply chains in the past.

Our strategy is centered around thoroughly understanding probabilities, allowing you to make informed decisions considering risks. This approach results in more favorable outcomes and significant financial gains. Our state-of-the-art system, powered by AI, provides unparalleled accuracy and speed to supply chain management, transforming how businesses anticipate and respond to changes in supply and demand.

Here’s how differentiates itself with its AI-driven “System of Intelligence”:

  1. Advanced Demand and Supply Prediction: While traditional vendors rely on accumulating statistical models, we understand that AI can transform the planning process beyond just forecasting.’s product utilizes AI to answer complex questions, identify reliable internal and external signals, reconcile insights at different hierarchical levels, and uncover data correlations to inform the right disaggregation logic. Our system extends AI to supply prediction, acknowledging the inherent probabilistic nature of lead times, production yields, and other parameters. This empowers planners to anticipate demand-supply imbalances faster, enabling them to protect margins instead of constantly firefighting strategically.
  2. Value-at-Risk: Legacy vendors often focus solely on volume-based metrics, providing limited visibility into the value impact of demand-supply imbalances. At, we leverage AI to predict demand and supply, calculating the business impact or value-at-risk on both the top and bottom lines. Converting probabilities into human-readable financial values, our system enables planners to make quick and informed business decisions. What sets us apart is the flexibility to define value, allowing businesses to prioritize different strategies, be it emphasizing service or cost efficiency. By highlighting exceptions with the most significant financial impact, value-at-risk empowers planners to focus their efforts where they matter most.
  3. Actionable Corrective Measures: Traditional vendors may offer “automated decisioning” and “prescriptive recommendations,” but their reliance on simple alerts falls short of true decision support. At, we take it further by providing recommended corrective actions to mitigate value-at-risk. These actions could include shipment expedites or inventory re-deployment, among others. Our AI system continuously learns from previous actions, refining its recommendations. Not only do we communicate the financial impact of each recommended action, but we also offer explainability and integration with planning and ERP systems for seamless execution. By automating the acceptance of these actions, creates a closed-loop system where AI optimizes profit and planners can focus on strategic decisions.’s “system of intelligence” complements existing planning systems by leveraging native probabilistic planning techniques. Our approach has been proven to deliver accuracy, lift, and margin impact for industry-leading customers, even in environments with leading planning systems.

We welcome you to engage with our experts and embrace the latest AI advancements to supercharge your planning stack. Together, let’s usher in the next era of supply chain planning with’s cutting-edge technology.

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