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How your consumer products supply chain has a two-layer system: a system of planning and a system of execution. but, even though you have these systems, your operations team is still scrambling; wasting time, expertise, and money.

That’s because you’re missing the most important layer: a system of intelligence.

Tune in to our webcast, “Break the Rules of Supply Chain Management with AI” on February 21st at 9:00 AM Pacific Time and find out how to radically improve your systems to reduce waste and increase revenue with artificial intelligence.

Gaurav Palta
VP, Enterprise Services

Gaurav Palta heads the Consumer Goods Business at He is a leading Enterprise AI practitioner and evangelist, blending cutting edge AI capabilities with Human Centered Design to create transformational shifts in experience and productivity for large enterprises. Focused on solving the hairiest problems in Supply Chain and Commercial Operations, he has supported numerous Fortune 500 clients through their AI journeys. He also regularly partners with other leading Product, Platform and IOT companies to construct viable ecosystem plays. He has an MBA from Washington University and a Bachelors in Marine Engineering and Naval Architecture. Gaurav’s other creative interests include playing guitar and singing for a local Bay Area rock band.

Mahriah Alf
Director, Enterprise Services

Mahriah Alf is a Director within the Enterprise AI Services group at After getting her PhD from MIT in Chemical Engineering, she became interested in the real-world application of analytics and how it could be used to drive business strategy, which lead her to work for 7 years as a management consultant, primarily focusing on supply chain strategy as well as trade promotion optimization, before joining Noodle. She enjoys being active and exploring new areas on bike or foot or in the water (swimming and coaching have always been a passion), and going back to her chemistry roots by testing out the limits of her home kitchen with molecular gastronomy.

James Snyder
Senior Data Scientist

James Snyder is a Senior Data Scientist with He specializes in the development of AI/ML systems for supply chain management applications, large-scale nonlinear optimization, and simulation of complex systems. He received his Ph.D. in Chemistry, specializing in quantum mechanics and high performance computing, from Stanford University and B.S. (Chemistry) from The University of Chicago. He enjoys the culinary arts, including cooking and brewing beer, as well as playing with his 1 year old daughter.