In a recent interview with Business Insider, Mars, Inc. CEO Grant Reid talked about the many ways the company is planning to tackle sustainability in its supply chain.

Mars has an initiative in place from 2017 called “Sustainability in a Generation.” In it, Mars challenged itself to reduce the impact of its supply chain on the planet and increase its sustainability as much as 60% by 2050. Grant disclosed that it committed $1 billion dollars to this plan. Sustainability within a generation is a laudable goal we can get excited about!

Mars is smart enough not to try to save the planet alone. It’s aligned with French President Emmanuel Macron’s Business for Inclusive Growth coalition as well as other businesses, governments, organization like the Consumer Goods Forum, and NGOs in the US and abroad who have committed to sustainability goals of their own.

'I'm an eternal optimist ... I believe that people will respond. At first they'll deny, then they'll be angry, but then they'll actually help drive the change, and I can see quite a bit of that change coming.' ~Mars, Inc. CEO Grant Reid on sustainability and carbon footprint reductionClick To Tweet

In the interview, Grant mentioned that he thinks we have a lot of work to do on sustainability and that he’d love to hear more people talking about how to solve it, and even mentioned that he’d love to see more consumers making their stance on climate change known with their spending habits (an unusual but welcome, stance for a CEO to take!)

Mars is right to focus on the supply chain. As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, 94% of the world’s waste is industrial, not municipal – that’s a staggering amount of waste that could be mitigated and/or eliminated through incremental changes in the global supply chain – the kind of changes that smart Enterprise AI apps like ours can help forward-thinking consumer goods companies like Mars make. Find out more about how we can work together to save the planet by requesting a demo.

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