We’re always looking to enhance the work we do for our customers here at Noodle.ai. Recently, we merged our Fill Rate AI and Demand Signal AI applications into one single, powerful application, Supply Chain AI (SCAI), designed to amplify how our AI drives results in your supply chain.

Supply Chain AI (SCAI) is tightly aligned with what you need

You’ll see some aspects of SCAI are similar to our FRAI and DSAI products. This allows your planners the ability to determine impact on key business objectives and gain a better understanding of the potential consequences of a variety of possible actions.

What sets SCAI apart?

“Actionability” is a major factor here. With this feature, our clients have to ability to view system-wide insights and recommendations across inventory, production, and material interventions that enable inventory rebalancing, expedites, and policy updates, alongside production and raw material plan adjustments.

Another key differentiator is “Enhanced Scalability and Flexibility.” This feature leverages the Noodle.ai Enterprise AI® Platform to rapidly scale SKU coverage and turn business imperatives into predictions across the supply chain.

What does all of this mean for you?

Our clients have noticed a 10-15% improvement in lost sales, 35% reduction in expedite costs, and 15-25% less inventory holding when implementing SCAI into their supply chain operations.

Does SCAI sound like a tool you need? Be sure to check out our datasheet for more information, view our case studies on our customers, or contact us when you’re ready to take your business to the next level with Enterprise AI.