UPDATE: This webcast has been rescheduled for June so that we can deliver a webcast designed to help you get your supply chain through uncertain times. Find out more about that webcast here.

Noodle.ai CEO, Steve Pratt, and CTO, Ted Gaubert sit down to explore how we can create a word without waste using AI. You don’t want to miss this!


Steve Pratt and Ted GaubertProperly used, AI’s superpower is to dramatically improve our ability to make important, highly complex, high volume decisions. Specifically, it helps us figure out what goods to produce when, how to make sure we don’t have quality issues, where to send the goods so we optimize inventory levels, and how to make sure we don’t use excess resources along the way.

More good news: this radical efficiency aligns with economic incentives to create better, more profitable companies. We no longer need to choose between our planet or our profits. Happy customers, happy shareholders, happy planet.

We describe the many ways AI can create radical efficiency and create a world without waste. We hope you enjoy it, digest it, debate it, and engage in creating radical efficiency to create a world without waste.