Artificial intelligence (AI) is at the forefront of innovation in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape. Organizations across industries are exploring leveraging AI to optimize operations and drive profitability. At, we have harnessed the power of AI and machine learning to revolutionize supply chain planning and deliver profitable outcomes.

Our supply chain planning “system of intelligence” is built from the ground up with AI and machine learning technologies. By incorporating these cutting-edge advancements, offers a distinct advantage over legacy supply chain systems. Here’s how we utilize AI to drive profitable planning:

  1. Leveraging AI for Demand and Supply Prediction: Traditional planning systems often rely on statistical models that struggle to account for the complexities of demand and supply. At, we take a different approach. Our AI-powered system goes beyond statistical forecasting by answering complex questions that enhance the end-to-end planning process. We utilize AI to identify the most reliable signals for demand and supply prediction, reconcile insights at different hierarchical levels, and uncover correlations in the data to inform optimal disaggregation logic. This comprehensive approach enables our system to provide accurate demand and supply predictions, empowering planners to anticipate imbalances and strategically protect margins.
  2. Calculating Value-at-Risk: Legacy planning systems typically focus on volume-based metrics and fail to comprehensively assess the value impact associated with demand-supply imbalances. At, we use AI to predict demand and supply and calculate value-at-risk. Our system gives planners actionable insights by converting probabilities into tangible financial values. Planners can quickly understand the potential impact of various scenarios on the top and bottom lines, allowing them to make informed decisions that prioritize business objectives. Whether the goal is to optimize service or cost efficiency, our flexible value-at-risk approach highlights exceptions with the greatest financial impact, enabling planners to focus on activities that generate the most value.
  3. Recommending Corrective Actions: While legacy systems may claim to offer automated decision-making, their recommendations often lack context and decisioning support. At, we go beyond alerts and provide prescriptive recommendations based on AI-powered analysis. Our system suggests corrective actions to mitigate value-at-risk, such as expediting shipments or redeploying inventory. Our AI system iteratively improves its recommendations over time by continuously learning from previous actions. We communicate the financial impact of each recommended action and ensure seamless integration with planning and ERP systems for efficient execution. Planners can automate the acceptance of these actions, creating a closed-loop system where AI optimizes profit, allowing planners to focus on strategic decision-making.’s AI-driven approach to supply chain planning has proven successful across various industries, delivering accuracy, lift, and margin impact. By embracing the latest AI and machine learning advancements, organizations can supercharge their planning processes and achieve profitable outcomes.


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