We are thrilled to be included in LinkedIn’s list of Top 50 Startups this year. While it’s tempting to run up and down the streets tooting our own horn, that’s not really why we got into this business.

Our not-so-secret plan is to use data science for extraordinary good. If we’re going to have 11 billion people on the planet, we’d better get smarter about resources, so that’s what we’re doing.

While others focus AI on self driving cars and sorting pictures, we focus on the heart of the global economy. We focus where the waste is. Our applications are quietly and profoundly improving how the world makes things and moves things – in factory floors, shipping fleets, distribution centers, and retail stores. We beam with pride when we help our customers reduce waste, use less energy, and eliminate toxic emissions.

We love those “holy crap that is amazing” moments when signals emerge from data that no one saw coming. When our amazing data engineers, data scientists, software engineers, design technologists, cloud engineers, and domain experts work together to create beautiful, practical, impactful AI applications.

Through our customers, we see a new generation of business leaders emerging. They are using algorithms to power uncanny predictions that lead to better business decisions.

When we started Noodle.ai, before we even named the company, we penned a set of values to act as our guide.

We strive to BCHILL:

  • Bring our whole selves to our work, to be present. To bring a dash of serendipity.
  • Connect with each other, our customers and communities – to build lasting relationships.
  • Help each other succeed (our most important value)
  • Innovate in complex, fast moving field of data science
  • Learn and improve our skills each day, and
  • Live a life that is full, joyous, and meaningful.

These values are reflected in who we hire, how we treat each other, and what we do.

So thank you to LinkedIn for recognizing Noodle.ai as one of the top startups in 2018! We are honored and excited. A quick whoop whoop, then back to creating extraordinary good.


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