Realizing defects in products when it’s too late leaves you with units that can’t be used. That’s frustrating and expensive. Product quality failures are the last thing you want to worry about in your manufacturing operation. This is why we developed a Product Quality AI application to lighten your load.

PQAI is designed for manufacturing companies that are looking to improve product quality that is facing a high cost ratio to quality of their products. It takes into account information such as input material/component data, process parameters, etc. and uses the application’s Machine Learning models to predict downstream product quality, identify drivers of quality deviations and recommend optimal controllable process settings to reduce those deviations.

What makes PQAI different and – more importantly – how does this benefit you? Without diving too deep into every data point and benefit, PQAI uses advanced AI/ML techniques through a combination of deep learning, Bayesian modeling and reinforcement learning. Reports have shown that integrating this app into a similar system aided in a 6-8% reduction in total cost of quality and a 30% decrease in quality variability.

That’s just a teaser into what PQAI can do for your business. Interested in learning more? Download our data sheet, check out our most recent manufacturing webinar or contact us!



Image credit: Ballesa Martinez,