What the world needs now is …?

Other than grace, wisdom and compassion, I’d say certainty ranks high on most people’s needs hierarchy right now. Business buyers are gravitating towards tools that provide data on how to navigate this pandemic – and Noodle.ai has AI products that fit the bill. That’s why we’ve been recognized as one of fifteen tech startups poised to emerge stronger from the COVID-19 crash, in an article in Business Insider (BI). Let’s explore what we’re providing to companies keeping the world’s supply chain running.

Emerging stronger

Before we cover what makes us uniquely qualified for managing volatility, let’s highlight some key points from the BI article:

Silicon Valley legend John Chambers believes up to 45% of startups won’t make it but adds that “history has shown that great companies do emerge during hard times.” Venture capital investor and Dell Technologies Capital president Scott Darling, agreed that some startups are already “benefitting pretty substantially from this environment.” As the pandemic caused disruptions in the economy, Noodle.ai’s tech allowed its clients to quickly handle supply chain issues.

“Supply chains were gyrating all over the place and having a machine learning algorithm that can help people manage supply chains, manage queues, and that sort of thing is really critical,” said Dell’s Darling. We appreciate Scott’s support and are honored to be among such great company.

How can Noodle.ai help you emerge stronger?

Certainty: Noodle.ai’s Superpower

What gives Noodle.ai this superpower – this ability to provide certainty to supply chain practitioners? Three things.

1. Our supply chain and AI expertise, working seamlessly to de-noise chaotic planning environments:

Noodle.ai’s supply chain team has intimate knowledge of traditional systems and processes that drive supply chains and the untapped predictive features in ERP’s systems of record. We know that ERPs are a robust repository of basic supply chain data (e.g. production, transfer and customer orders/actuals) but leverage only a fraction of it to create demand plans. Our industry knowledge, paired with AI expertise, allows us to ingest this data into our patented data science models and unique inference engines to deliver recommended actions ranked by risk level that demand and inventory planners can actually take to improve fill rates.

Certainty conceived.

2. Seamless integration and adoption, creating systems planners actually like to use:

Our AI-driven predictions are integrated into customers’ existing infrastructure, with a UI that makes it easy for a planner to understand the AI outputs & act on recommendations.

Noodle.ai offers seamless integration into common systems like SAP’s APO and IBP.  We build data pipelines, ingest data from specific SAP data tables and external data cartridges and indices, process data through our supply chain models, and deliver insights and actions that integrate into the planner’s existing workflow. Our UI works in concert with how planners and executives do their jobs.

Certainty delivered.

3. A supply execution system with a bottom-line focus:

Noodle.ai’s proprietary value-at-risk metric enables planners and leaders to identify and address the SKUs where risks of being out of stock have the potential to have the largest financial impact. Which SKUs, distribution centers, regions are predicted to face demand and be unable to meet that demand due to rules-based allocation of products that miss variability and noise in the system? Our AI models are optimized to drive profit and manage working capital by getting the right products to the right place at the right time.

Certainty quantified.

In a world full of uncertainty, Noodle.ai’s customers can rely on our Athena Supply Chain AI Suite to analyze system-wide volatility and recommend the actions that deliver the greatest financial impact, measured by gross margin return on investment.