All the signals are there but you’re having difficulty understanding what action to take. Your rules-based software does its job well, but its job is narrow and can’t help you anticipate the right moves. This means you’re faced with complex portfolios and variable demand, making it difficult to make any progress. Luckily, we’ve developed an app for that: Demand Signal AI.

DSAI ingests daily sales data, promotion, marketing, and product data, along with any additional internal signaling mechanisms. The application then uses advanced machine learning models that combine this data with customer-relevant external data signals to predict the most accurate demand signal possible to deliver actionable insights.

One of the main features of DSAI, like many of our applications, is that it provides you with real-time recommendations via our Sense-Predict-Recommend model, making it easier for you to monitor, assess risk, and schedule accordingly. With that in mind, you could expect a 90 – 95% accuracy* for market-level and portfolio-level demand forecasts.

Looking for more? Download the DSAI data sheet, view our case study with client XOJET, or contact us!





*Benefits shown have been seen by several of our customers, but can not be guaranteed for all customers.