Named an Intel U.S. Partner of the Year, IoT Solutions Alliance!

“Intel is a visionary company. Their business model depends on seeing where the market is going 10 to 15 years from now and fueling and seeding those markets. So we’re thankful for the recognition as an Intel 2020 Partner of the Year, as we do believe has a vision and it’s great to be recognized by such a legendary tech company. “ – Spencer Doyle, VP of Platform and Channels,

There was, from the outset, great synergy between our businesses that fueled our partnership. Radical efficiency and elimination of waste in the manufacturing process were core, but also the commitment to delivering business value at the edge: we have a shared passion to use the incredible IoT asset that is data as a weapon against manufacturing inefficiency.

Time to start doing

Industry 4.0 and IoT are overhyped, you say? Well, I think the hype cycle ends when reality begins. We’re done talking about it. We’ve now created to the Enterprise Artificial Intelligence Platform (EAIP) to serve as the backbone of our customers’ digital transformation. So, buzzwords aside, this is an Intel–backed, Dell–hardware backed, Noodle–software backed offering that is ready to go. We’re done talking — it’s time to start doing. 

We’re seeing potential customers at an inflection point. They’re asking: How do we implement and scale data science and AI which we know will be valuable to our organization? “We’ve done the pilots, we’ve done the POCs” – they worked. They’ve proved AI creates value. “So”, they ask us, “How do we scale this? When they realize that, Intel and Dell are standing ready to help them with that journey, this is the catalyst, this is the tipping point. Our customers trust Intel’s track record; they trust Dell’s brand. Now they are meeting and trusting, so they feel comfortable taking that first step.

“It’s an honor to be selected – Intel has been a pivotal partner in enabling to accelerate Enterprise AI® innovation and deliver cutting-edge AI products to our customers. Our partnership is a great example of what’s possible when we, as an ecosystem, work together.” - Ted Gaubert, PhD, MBA, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder, 

Data pipelines built for AI

What we’re bringing to market is not your typical data repository. AI data storage is different from relational data systems or Hadoop or data lakes. It’s different than business intelligence, SQL databases and petabyte storage requirements. How you store data matters; what you store matters. It matters from a cost perspective and from a performance perspective. The difference is we’ve built an AI platform that has unique characteristics that are substantially different from that which has come before. The EAIP balances cost against the performance and storage requirements required for an AI system.

One concern expressed by businesses we speak to is the quality of the data available to train the AI models. We understand the concern which is why we focus our software development efforts on data science solutions to help our customers overcome their digital data gaps. The core of’s platform is built on a patent pending technology called Deep Probabilistic Decision Machine technology (DPDM). It’s the secret sauce in the EAIP and solves for many of the challenges faced with the availability of training data assets that are (or really aren’t) available in a typical manufacturing environment.

Deep Probabilistic Decision Machines

DPDM is proprietary to and effectively addresses many of the data challenges this industry faces in getting to a suitable data set for the training of a high-fidelity AI system. Also proprietary to the EAIP is Noodle’s AI-on-Ingest edge software, which auto tags and auto labels data. Think about it as a technology that “automagically” creates AI metadata for the raw data that’s being generated by OT and IT systems. DPDM and AI on Ingest are just two features in the EAIP that help our customers overcome challenges they face when scaling AI into their manufacturing operation.

During these uncertain times, it’s important for businesses to work with established with brands like Intel and Dell who have persisted through both good times and bad. We bring a unique perspective as a triumvirate, between their hardware legacy and the AI experience of the Noodle team. To be paired for go-to-market with these two iconic brands, and the talent and capabilities they bring to bear, makes a sure bet in an uncertain time. I believe this brings comfort to the people and organizations who are doing business with us.