has filed a patent application for its innovative GPP technology that underpins the new Generative Supply Chain Planning. At its core, this technology harnesses probabilistic methods, setting the stage for soaring profitability and drastically diminishing waste in supply chains.

Stephen Pratt, Founder & and CEO of, said, “Our GPP technology is set to revolutionize the world of Generative Planning. It embodies a monumental leap, heralding unparalleled enhancements in global supply chain efficiency and waste curtailment.”

The Breakthrough of Generative Planning

Outdated deterministic planning solutions are no longer effective in today’s complex and volatile global supply chains. These strategies often result in sub-optimal plans that do not balance supply and demand, reducing profits and waste.

Mahriah Alf, Chief Product Officer, proudly states, “This technology not only bolsters our edge in the market but also signifies a transformative stride. Grounded in our signature Probabilistic System of Intelligence, Generative Planning represents the future of supply chain solutions.”

Reaching the Pinnacle of Innovation

Underpinning’s Generative Planning are state-of-the-art generative AI technologies. Hyung-il Ahn, our Chief AI Scientist, explains, “Incorporating advanced technologies like attention-based graph neural networks, offline deep reinforcement learning, and probabilistic policy simulations, our approach crafts supply action plans that are supremely feasible and holistically optimized.”

Tangible Impact

Preliminary trials of Generative Planning with a major North America-based consumer goods company showed remarkable outcomes. The findings indicated a 75% plummet in stock shortages and a 20% decrease in excess inventory, resulting in impressive cost savings and increased revenue.

Adaptable and Resilient

Generative Planning embodies flexibility, tailored to fit many corporate goals, profit maximization, risk mitigation, or cost containment. It crafts superior supply plans that resonate with corporate objectives while staying resilient to supply chain uncertainties.

Coming Soon

Our Generative Planning solution, having cleared rigorous development stages, is now being refined for broader application. We are excited to announce its initial availability to customers by Q1 of 2024, with a focus on demand and finished goods distribution.

Interested in Taking a Deeper Dive?

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