Certain types of AI are becoming more accessible to the public, thanks to the efforts of companies like Google and Baidu. This week we’re reading about the ways these companies are bringing better data to the general public.

First up: Google’s new data set search feature. We’re pretty excited about this one since we live and breathe data. Anything that helps the public access and understand data sets more comprehensively is a positive move. Called “Dataset Search” the company wrote a great synopsis of it on their site.

Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 1.34.27 PM-1

We also love that they’ve included instructions for people providing data sets. This will help keep the data sets easy to understand and searchable.


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We don’t think WYSIWYG code editors are going to take a business as far as working with experts (we might be biased) but if you are a business without a great data set of your own that is looking to utilize AI and start learning how to work with it and how it might help, Baidu’s new AI modeling tool called EZDL might be helpful to you.


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Last, but not least, this week we’re reading about the BBC experimenting with having AI handle programming. In their new channel “Made by Machine: When AI met the Archive” the BBC paired AI with its archive and Dr. Hannah Fry to let “computers trawl through more than quarter of a million shows using a variety of machine learning techniques, then let loose to create short programmes-within-a-programme in the style of BBC Four.” Pretty neat.

Image credit: BBC, Google, Baidu


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