Each week we’ll bring you a selection of articles that are making us think deeply about different topics. This week we’re noodling on one of our favorites: AI for good.




We wanted to lead with this great paper on the ethics of AI from Science Magazine, written by authors Mariarosaria Taddeo, Research Fellow at Oxford Internet Institute, and Luciano Floridi, Oxford philosopher. In it, they dive deep into an exploration of a new framework for the ethical use and regulation of artificial intelligence in its many forms.



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Fiamma Panerai, CX strategist and community builder at Neurons.AI, took in the latest thinking on the future of AI and creating AI with intention and summarized it nicely in her post calling for human ingenuity and morals in AI. This article is valuable not just for her take on the information, but also for the handy, all-in-one-place collection of outstanding research and thought leadership in her citations.


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World Economic Forum focuses on the many ways AI can help refugees find a new home this week. From the article:

“Researchers from Stanford University and ETH Zurich have now developed an algorithm that could potentially help countries place refugees more effectively by boosting their chances of finding employment and integrating into an unfamiliar society. Their research has been published in the journal Science.”

It’s true what they say at Stanford: “The greatest potential for human success comes when humans and machines work together.”




Come back for more from Noodle AI about using artificial intelligence ethically, with good intent. Want to know more about what we do? Let us know!



Photos by Leslie Poston (image 1 and 2), courtesy WEF (image 3) and Alex Knight on Unsplash (image 4)


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