Accurate demand prediction is a crucial component of efficient supply chain management. While traditional optimization methods have long been relied upon, recent breakthroughs in generative probabilistic planning, combined with advanced AI technologies, are revolutionizing the field. At, we are thrilled to announce our groundbreaking work in this domain, harnessing the capabilities of predictive AI engines, particularly generative AI, to deliver highly granular demand predictions. 

By integrating cutting-edge technologies such as Graph Neural Networks (GNN), Deep Reinforcement Learning, and policy Value at Risk (VAR) simulations, we empower businesses to optimize their operations, enhance risk management, and maximize value delivery to customers. 

Generative Probabilistic Planning

Our recent proof of concept of a Generative AI solution for distribution plan adjustments represents a significant advancement in probabilistic planning. By leveraging the power of GNN, Deep Reinforcement Learning, and policy VAR simulations, we have developed a generative AI technology that enables the comprehensive propagation of demand, supply, and risk probabilities throughout the network solution space. This breakthrough allows businesses to optimize their plans holistically, incorporating revenue and cost priorities through Value at Risk considerations. Our generative AI approach delivers increased customer value by surpassing traditional optimization methods. Our ongoing efforts involve productizing this generative AI solution, aiming to achieve the General Availability milestone and deploy it in production for current and future customers. 

Technology Platform

Beyond the development of a single solution, we are constructing the industry’s first mature SaaS AI product in this domain. Our technology platform emphasizes run-time configurability and domain-centric configuration workflows, facilitating seamless integration into existing business processes. Leveraging our extensive experience building and deploying large-scale production models, we adopt an AI-first approach to managing the AI App lifecycle. The product modules we offer directly leverage the layers of our platform, enabling straightforward deployment through domain-specific workflows. This approach shields users from the intricacies of the ML back-end, providing pre-tuned default configurations for ease of implementation. 

Key Product Modules

  1. Demand Forecasting: Our generative AI-powered demand forecasting module facilitates exception-based demand planning, leveraging the capabilities of generative AI. By generating highly likely forecasts, identifying prioritized demand risks, and ensuring alignment with the demand plan, we empower businesses to make accurate predictions and informed decisions. Seamlessly delivering the forecast to the planning system, organizations can track the value derived from the demand forecast and drive performance improvements. 
  1. Distribution Planning: Our generative AI-powered distribution planning module lets businesses determine the most likely supply and demand scenarios. We leverage generative AI capabilities to identify distribution network imbalance risks and recommend corrective distribution actions to optimize supply chains. These generative AI-generated corrective actions are seamlessly delivered to planning and execution systems, allowing organizations to track the value of their implementation. 
  2. Materials Planning: Through our generative AI-powered materials planning module, organizations gain insights into the most likely inbound supply and requirements. Leveraging generative AI capabilities, we identify materials inventory imbalance risks and suggest corrective purchase order actions, streamlining inventory management. Like the other modules, the generative AI-generated corrective actions are delivered to planning and execution systems, empowering organizations to track the value of implementing them. 

Our predictive AI engines’ granular demand prediction capabilities, amplified by our generative AI technology, mark a significant leap forward in supply chain management. Leveraging generative probabilistic planning and advanced technologies enables businesses to optimize operations, mitigate risks, and deliver enhanced customer value. With our technology platform’s run-time configurability, domain-centric workflows, and configurable product modules that directly harness the power of generative AI, we spearhead a new era of AI-driven supply chain management. At, we are excited to continue pushing the boundaries of AI innovation, empowering our customers to achieve their strategic objectives confidently. 


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